Schoooool’s OUT for Summer!


Welcome, everyone, to the joyful bliss that is Summer Break. We’d better savor this free time while we can because the Early Fall semester will be here before we know it. It’s hard to believe that in just one short month we’ll be logging in again.

If you are a new student starting the IMC Program this fall, welcome to the IMC Student Blog. Please introduce yourselves and share your stories with us! And, if you have any questions about the program, feel free to post them below. I’ve asked several questions over the last few semesters, and I usually get some good feedback from students (and professors) who have been in the program awhile.

Those of you who are IMC Facebook fans have probably already seen this, but if you haven’t, check out the new Web page featuring some work from former students of the IMC 636 Campaigns class. Pretty impressive stuff! Personally, for me, it’s nice to see examples of some of the things I’ll be able to do upon completion of the IMC program. Hopefully we’ll be able to come up with the kind of creative thinking that these students have displayed in their work.

Next week, my family and I are packing up the Ford Family Truckster and heading to the beach, so I’ll be blogging to you with sand between my toes and a margarita in my hand (and my iPhone in the other hand). Oh, technology, how I love thee … 🙂


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