A trip down memory lane …


Happy Week 9 everyone!

This past weekend, we celebrated Hailey’s 3rd birthday with a Tinkerbell party. Transforming our backyard into Pixie Hollow was no easy feat, let me tell you, but we managed to pull it off. 

This weekend, as I poured through baby pictures of Hailey and wondered where the last three years went, I also quietly celebrated another birthday of sorts. Sunday marked the 50th anniversary of the first publishing of my favorite book, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why is she telling me about this book and why should I care?” Well, if it wasn’t for that book, I might not be a fellow student of yours in the IMC program. Allow me to explain. A long time ago, when I was a student in Mrs. Wood’s 8th-grade English class, she decided to take a break from teaching “The Hobbit” that year and instead had her students read “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It was a book that I instantly fell in love with,  and a book on which I wrote my first “real” paper—a paper that got me thinking that writing is something that I might like to pursue further, maybe even make a career of (especially since anything pertaining to math was out of the question, ha ha).

I can’t say for sure if I still would’ve ended up in journalism—and eventually the IMC program—had I not read “To Kill a Mockingbird” that year. I can tell you that that particular book and that particular teacher were instrumental in instilling in me a love for books and for writing.

What about you? What brought you to the IMC program? I would love to hear your stories, so please share!

Good luck with finals everyone, and congrats on completing another semester! One step closer to a diploma 😉

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