Vampires and IMC


Hello IMC friends!

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with our favorite IMC technology savant Rick Bebout about the IMC blog, complaining to him that I didn’t think I would have much to write about during my summer hiatus from classes. I’ll be honest, my mind is still reeling from last night’s season premiere of my favorite TV show, True Blood, and IMC couldn’t be further from my mind …

Or could it?  

In the weeks leading up to last night’s True Blood premiere, I’d been thinking a lot about the success of this weird show about vampires, particularly about the marketing tactics HBO employed to help craft the show into the phenomenon it is today.  

An AdAge article I found describes True Blood’s marketing campaign “as edgy as its content,” and goes on to describe some of the specific tactics HBO used this season. As expected, the majority of True Blood’s marketing is done online. I was aware of most of these tactics, having seen them firsthand. As a True Blood fan and “Eric Northman” fan on Facebook (Eric is one of the vampires on the show), I receive frequent show updates including links to the “minisodes” leading up to the Season 3 premiere, behind-the-scenes interviews, as well as the Season 3 “collectible posters” that fans can download.

One thing that I hadn’t seen yet and just read about today was HBO’s “apology video,” where a junior marketing associate apologizes for some of the show’s “failed marketing attempts.”

I guess what I’ve come to realize from this little exercise is that I can relate IMC concepts to a lot of things—even when I’m not consciously trying to. At the end of our conversation, I told Rick that I would somehow find a way to tie in my love of all things vampire to IMC and he laughed at me. Booyah! 😉

So what about your favorite TV shows? What are some of the marketing tactics that your shows have used? I have to admit, even though I’m a huge True Blood fan, I haven’t tried the True Blood beverage yet. But, there’s always the season finale …


2 Responses to “Vampires and IMC”

  1. nicola Says:

    Though I’m not a True Blood fan/addict, I have had two occassions including my current IMC 614 course to use HBO’s True Blood’s creative strategy. Didn’t focus on Season 3 as the creative team for Season’s 2’s advertising campaign was BRILLIANT.

    I mean creating a ficticious drink that had persons complaining that clicking the Buy Now button took them to the HBO site, creating a vampire looking for humans and vice versa dating web site, I mean ‘priceless’.

    I’ve been a fan of Burn Notice on USA since it came out, and I must say that I like how USA in general, has a way of blending the shows characters for ads. The utilization of mobile and Internet marketing for viewers/fans to liase with characters… is great!

    I can’t watch/view ads just for the enjoyment of it any more I’m always critiquing. Who’s the audience? Why use that medium? etc.

    IMC has now become a permanent fixture of my existence, which I suppose is the point of this program right?

  2. stacywise Says:

    I am the same way! And it’s really sad/annoying when I look for product placements during movies/TV shows, but I can’t help it. I’ve slacked off this summer, but during class I’m always looking 🙂

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