Sticking with a Routine


I’m a creature of habit. In fact, some might say I’m a little weird about it. For example, when I go to a restaurant, I usually find one thing on the menu that I like and then I stick with that every time I go. When I go shopping, I mostly just stick to the few stores I like, and I rarely go anywhere else. Granted, I’m probably missing out on some yummy food and some great deals, but my routines work for me, so I don’t care. I learned last weekend that the same can be said about homework routines.

I’ve settled into a fairly good routine for my two classes this semester, and my weekends generally go something like this: I write my assignment for one class on Friday/Saturday and then write the next one on Saturday/Sunday (I know, I know—go ahead and call me “Stacy-No-Fun” or “Debbie Downer”—my husband does). I’m really not sure why, but for the entire semester I’ve been writing my Brand Equity Management paper first—maybe because it requires a little more research and it usually takes me longer to write. Well, this weekend I was having trouble getting started on my paper, so I decided to switch things up and write my Applied PR paper first. BIG mistake! I spent so much time writing the first paper that I got really behind in starting the second one (and my dinner/movie date with Mark didn’t help me out, either). It’s a good thing we have until Monday night to turn in our assignments because I really needed that extra time this week!

My friend Nicole coaches cheerleading. I will admit, I know pretty much nothing about cheerleading, but Nicole has mentioned several times the problems that can arise when changing a cheer routine right in the middle of competition season. After last weekend’s homework debacle, I completely get it. For these last few weeks, I’ll be sticking to my old homework routine. Lesson learned.

On a side note, I want to thank everyone who helped put together Hailey’s swingset. It’s a big hit. 🙂

A group effort

Do you think she's excited?

3 Responses to “Sticking with a Routine”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Hi Stacey:

    One would think that after having in this program for a while I would have a routine myself. But I find that my routine tends to change based on my intended course. Some require more effort from me than others.

    I’m currently doing Emerging Media, OMG! Reall great course, but by far, the roughest one in terms of required time for course related work.

    Unlike you, though I like the familiar when going to restaurants for the first time, I’m always looking for what I don’t know. That could also be because I often go to the same places once I like them and then work my way through the menu before moving on.

    Your daughter is beautiful! Keep up the good work.

  2. stacywise Says:

    Hahaha! I’ve heard Emerging Media is quite the time-sucker … and that there is a blog involved. Are you taking that course by itself or did you have another one this semester? A few people have told me that I should take that class alone, so that’s how I scheduled it–I’m taking it by itself in Late Fall. Who’s your Emerging Media professor?

  3. wadadlilady Says:

    I’m taking it by itself with Prof. Perez; only good things to say about him so far.

    I blogged before, but it was much easier because it was more about me and my experiences, this one should be similar, but the pressure is on when you know you’re being graded for it, to me anyway.

    I admire you and others who can take more than one course at a time. Between my job, my three year old, husband, and taking one course at a time, I have no idea how I could manage more than one.

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