Life Savers Soda? FAIL!


 So we’re discussing brand extension this week in my Brand Equity Management class, particularly the reasons why some brand extensions fail. My classmates have come up with some funny/weird/crazy products that have failed over the years, and I thought I’d share a few of them with you, as well as some others I’ve found …

I ended up writing about Life Savers Soda. Yes, there was such a thing as Life Savers Soda in the 1980s. I don’t remember this, but I have a photo to prove that it did in fact exist. Liquid Life Savers—great idea!



Here’s another one: Gerber Singles—adult baby food. According to my classmate, Stephanie, Gerber decided to target college students and adults living on their own with a line of pureed food. Now, there are many reasons why this is just bizarre, but Stephanie made a great point that I hadn’t initially thought of—the name. “Gerber Singles” marketed to single people? Depressing!  Gerber, stick to feeding tots.



Harley Davidson Perfume. Imagine it – riding down a curvy, country road on your motorcycle, just you and nature. You catch the scent of fresh-cut grass, spring flowers …and roadkill. Um, bottle that up, please! My classmate Beth had an even better description: “next day bar smell: Marlboro reds, beer sludge, grease, rotten roasted peanut shells, and a distinct scent of ink from a fresh tattoo.”



My classmate Julie wrote about Google’s Buzz. Remember when Google Buzz came out a few months ago? I was really excited about it. For a day. Does anyone even use it? If so, please tell me why.


 Hooters Air. Sadly, Hooters Air ceased operations in 2006. Now, they claim it was because of fuel prices. Whatever. Personally, when I think of air travel, the first thing that comes to mind is safety—not Hooters. Then again, I’m not a guy. Either way, FAIL!

Can you guys think of some other product failures that you’d like to share?

6 Responses to “Life Savers Soda? FAIL!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Great post! Does anyone remember Clear Pepsi or Blue Pepsi? Here is the Clear Pepsi commercialas a fun reminder:

  2. Julie Davis Says:

    Hey, lady!

    I really enjoyed this post; it was a lot of fun.

    It took me right back to that class several terms ago! I can’t remember what else my classmates posted about, but I chose the Harley perfume! I think that week was one of the most fun I had in the program; I laughed for hours!

    About a year ago, my boyfriend bought Mustang perfume. I thought it was a weird branding idea, but the perfume smelled really good. It didn’t smell like gasoline, dirt or leather, like I expected.

    ~ Julie

    • stacywise Says:

      Julie — this week has been hilarious. There were so many products I wanted to write about that it was hard for me to narrow it down to just one! Bic underwear, Coors water, Frito Lay lemonade … hahaha!

  3. stacywise Says:

    Hahahaha! I’m a brand loyal Pepsi girl and I don’t even think I’d drink that stuff. I wonder if Pepsi had gone with a “better for your teeth” angle (with the clear soda) if the product would have had any more success? I know my parents were always on my case about drinking too much pop because it would “stain my teeth” …

    Here’s another funny one from my classmate, Emily: Gatorgum (from Gatorade)

    FUNNY commercial:

  4. kquesen Says:

    Actually yes. Maxim Magazine tried to come out with home hair color for men a couple of years ago. Needless to say it did not work!

  5. Emily Says:

    Where did you find information about Life Savers Soda? I’m doing a similar project for my Marketing class and I can’t seem to find more than “it gave consumers the impression of drinking liquid candy”. Did they have any commercials or advertisements for this product?

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