Basketball, homework and trout


First, congratulations to the WVU basketball team and Coach Huggins for an amazing season, and thoughts, prayers, and wishes for a fast recovery for Da’Sean Butler.

Earlier this morning, I turned in my homework assignment for this week.  I always have mixed feelings when I submit an assignment—it’s always a cross between feeling relieved that I got it done and feeling panicked that I forgot something. After you hit that submit button and your assignment goes into cyberspace, it’s basically the point of no return, and the thought of that kind of makes me sick to my stomach.  Does anyone else ever feel that way, or am I just a weirdo? When I was an undergrad student, I would always make my Mom proofread my papers (and I still do this whenever I can). But, for the most part, my husband Mark has now inherited that duty, and honestly, he’s less than enthusiastic about it. Thank goodness for spell-check. I guess there are worse things than a misspelled word in a paper, though …

I only had an assignment due for one class this week, IMC 628 (Applied Public Relations). Luckily, I didn’t have anything due for IMC 613 (Brand Equity Management). I’m not sure if Professor Girardi planned it that way to give us a break for Easter weekend or if that’s just the way the cookie crumbled. Either way, I was thankful to have some extra time this weekend. Taking two classes at once has really been hard on us these last few weeks, and personally it’s not something I’d recommend doing unless you really have to. My daughter, at 2 years old, is very demanding, and me being in school has definitely been a huge shock for her—especially since I’ve stayed at home with her for the last two years. On one hand, I’m glad that she’s getting to spend some more quality time with her Daddy, but yesterday when I was busy doing homework and she told me that I “didn’t love her” it pretty much broke my heart. After this semester is over and I have a break, I plan on doing some major sucking up. I might even take her fishing. 🙂

Speaking of fishing, it’s that glorious time of the year again. I’m talking about trout season. My Dad spent the better part of last week on a stream in Franklin, WV, and brought home a cooler full of trout. Unfortunately, a cooler full of fish isn’t the only thing he brought back with him—he also brought back a nasty cold. That’s what he gets for not taking me with him! Now, he will take me catfishing, but he says I’m way too high-maintenance to take trout fishing. I don’t know why he’d say that. Just because I won’t bait my own hook or touch anything slimy doesn’t mean I’m completely useless, does it? (don’t answer that)

2 Responses to “Basketball, homework and trout”

  1. Julie Davis Says:

    I have to admit that I’m hooked on the IMC blog. I feel guilty about it because I’m graduating in a month and it took me this long to get involved!

    Thanks for getting me hooked!

  2. stacywise Says:

    Thank you for reading! I hope you keep reading after you graduate! 🙂

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