Break? What break?


Hi everyone! Well, theoretically it’s Spring Break this week here in Morgantown. I know our local economy depends on WVU students, but I have to admit it sure is nice to be able to drive around town without any traffic.

Unfortunately for us IMC students, class must go on this week. I’ve been scrambling to get my homework done so I can enjoy the weekend. I see an Easter Egg Hunt in my future, not to mention the WVU basketball game on Saturday! Final Four! I was the Queen of Multitasking last Saturday. Hailey and I watched the Tinkerbell movie on DVD while I did homework and followed the basketball game on my laptop. My goal this week is to manage my time a little better so I can watch the Final Four game on an actual television. We’ll see what  Hailey says about that.

Speaking of basketball, I have to share with you a story from one of my best friends and former co-workers, Autumn, who works in the marketing office at WVU Hospitals here in Morgantown. Monday turned out to be Autumn’s lucky day, as she got to follow along when WVU basketball player Da’Sean Butler paid a surprise visit to an elderly woman who had suffered a heart attack.  Long story short, the woman, a longtime Mountaineer sports fan, had been experiencing heart attack symptoms during the WVU-Villanova game, but refused to go to the hospital until the game was over. When Butler learned of her story, he took special time out of his Spring Break week to go visit her at the hospital, where she continues to recover. He also chatted with several other patients and had his picture taken with patients and employees (including Autumn).

Autumn with Da'Sean Butler

I would love nothing more than to see this WVU basketball team win the school’s first national championship. But, in my book, these guys are winners regardless.

So, how many of you will be cheering along with me on Saturday? (after homework, of course)

4 Responses to “Break? What break?”

  1. Autumn Says:

    Love this 😉 Love all your blogs – they make me smile really big!!

  2. Julie Says:

    Great story, Stacy. I will be cheering on the Mountaineers this Saturday!

  3. Julie Davis Says:

    It’s really nice to see the guys giving back to the community that has been supporting them all season! Let’s go ‘EERS!!

  4. Noel Says:

    Thanks for sharing this great story. Very proud of what these Mountaineers have been able to accomplish this year. No matter what happens, in my book, they’re already winners. Cheers.

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