So, I was trying to come up with a witty title for my blog this week (IMC “finals week”), and now I can’t get that Ce Ce Peniston song out of my head.  And, as I write this, I’m wondering how many of you even know who she is … *sigh* …

Moving on. The Academy Awards. Who watched it? I was able to catch bits and pieces while working on my IMC assignment. Honestly, I’m more excited about watching the Fashion Police today than seeing the actual awards show last night. I was glad to see the tribute to John Hughes, though. I’m a huge fan of his movies – many of them I grew up with and are among my all-time favorites.

Every girl should have a Jake Ryan

It looks like I’m going to have to rent the winner for best picture, The Hurt Locker. I was able to see most of the movies nominated for best picture (I’ve seen Up more times than I care to count), but I didn’t make to the theater to see The Hurt Locker.  Now that I think about it, I don’t even remember it coming to the theaters here. Oh well, I guess that’s what Netflix is for. I wonder if Sandra Bullock made some sort of record for receiving both an Oscar and a Razzie award in the same year? I’m glad Sandra got the Oscar, even though I loved the girl who played Precious, too. And one of these days I’m going to have to watch a movie with that Helen Mirren woman in it. It seems like she’s nominated for something just about every year, and I still have no idea who she is.  So what do you guys think? Were you happy with the Oscar winners? Anyone mad that Avatar didn’t get the best picture award?  I went to see Avatar, and while that type of movie isn’t usually my kind of thing, I really enjoyed it! But it wasn’t my favorite movie of the year. That would be New Moon. Just kidding! (not really)

Stacy and Edward, sitting in a tree ...

So, my fellow IMC students, how are your final projects coming along for your classes? I mistakenly thought this week would be a cakewalk, with most of the sections for my project completed for the most part. But, as I’m diving into it, I’m realizing I have some work ahead of me if I really want to make it splashy!

Good luck on your final projects, everyone!

3 Responses to “Final-ly”

  1. UrbaneDame Says:

    I love that Ce Ce Peniston song, so you’re not alone! I am sitting here working on Week 8’s assignment while silmultaneously going over my final project in my head. For some reason I’m actually more anxious about LS starting because I’ll be undertaking two classes. o_O
    Oh, and FYI Sandy (as in Bullock – you know we’re friends and all 🙂 is the first to win a Razzie and Oscar in same year.

    • stacywise Says:


      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who remembers that song! 🙂

      Which two classes are you taking? Is this your first time taking two at a time? Several of my classmates were thinking about taking two classes together, but everyone’s kind of nervous about it.

      • UrbaneDame Says:

        IMC 619 & 621…
        I took 2 at a time when I first started the program, but didn’t really care for the workload. But now I just want to finish up. I registered this morning and I’m done Fall 2010!!! It only took one semester over 2 years, so it’s not that bad to spread it out if you take some single terms and some double.

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