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Hello IMC World! It’s now Week 8 of the Early Spring semester, and I’m starting to put everything together for my final project for my IMC 610 (Intro to IMC) class. For this class, Professor Creely gave us a client, IKEA, and we had to develop an IMC campaign for them. Now, I’ve never personally been to an IKEA, but I did “inherit” an IKEA chair from my husband when we got married. The chair—his favorite—has since found a nice home tucked away in our basement (man cave). Mark didn’t appreciate my relocation of his favorite chair to the basement, but I told him it could’ve been worse – I could’ve burned it after a WVU football game this year …. just kidding (not really).

I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing IKEA for two months now. I’m pretty much a walking, talking Encyclopedia of IKEA. After writing, proofing, revising, and re-reading each of my assignments every week, I can’t even fathom our professor having to read through EVERY student’s IKEA assignment week after week. I wonder if she’s developed some kind of a nervous tick that happens whenever someone mentions IKEA, because I know I’m pretty close.

Did someone say IKEA?

In other news, I got an e-mail from our favorite IMC advisor, Professor Shelly Stump, about registering for Summer and Fall sessions. Wow, is it that time already?!? I received a blog comment today from an IMC student, Patti, who is getting ready to enroll in her final IMC course. In her comment, she said, “What you put into the program is what you get out of it.” Her comment really made me think about the courses I want to take for the rest of the program. My initial strategy was to enroll in all of the courses that I thought would be easier for me. Now, when I say “easier” I don’t mean that the classes themselves will be “easy.” I’m just talking in terms of my own professional experience. Since most of my professional experience is in public relations, I naturally gravitated toward the IMC PR courses. I’m still planning on taking those, but I think I might also take some courses that I know will be more challenging for me because I’m not as familiar with the subject matter. One of my personal goals for this program is to become more well-rounded in all aspects of IMC, not just my “favorite subjects.” What about you guys? What are your strategies for scheduling your courses?  Any advice, IMC veterans?

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  1. Heidi Says:

    My experience and undergraduate education is in public relations, too. I actually found more satisfaction taking classes not related to public relations!

    For my advanced class, I took advanced creative strategies. This class really helped me learn how to think like an art director.

    I may not use sales promotion techniques or direct marketing approaches on a daily basis, but I appreciated how these classes stretched my mind.

    I’ve been done with the IMC program now for two months. Honestly, I miss it! Soak it all in now–the time goes by fast!

  2. stacywise Says:

    Oh, yay! Your post makes me feel better about my “scheduling strategy.” I just think that if I gain basic knowledge in some of these other areas that I’m not as familiar with, at the very least I’ll be able to determine when a project that I might be working on could be integrated into other areas.

    So, let me pick your brain a little bit about the Advanced Creative Strategies class. That’s one of the classes that’s on my “bubble” list. I’d really like to take it, but it sounds a little intimidating. Do you have to produce actual creative executions, or is the class more about the ideas of what you WOULD do (or tell your creative team to do)?

    Um, I guess I’d better pass IMC 615 before I worry about enrolling in the advanced class anyway. Haha! 🙂

  3. Shelly Stump Says:

    Stacy I had to laugh at your comment about Prof. Creely deveoping an IKEA tick.

    As an instructor myself, I have had the opportunity to learn so much about so many different companies, all through assignments my students have submitted. I have found myself in social situations telling others about the social responsibility actions taken by Starbucks, the way Target overcame the negative press they earned when they wouldn’t let the Salvation Army solicit in front of their stores, and the challenges that Amazon faced when introducing such a radical new product as the Kindle. One of the things I love most about teaching in this program is all that I learn from our wonderful students!

    I am sure Prof. Creely will soon be at a cocktail party telling anyone who will listen all about IKEA’s branding strategies. And loving every minute of it!

  4. Heidi Says:

    I’m not sure if I had an actual “schedule strategy”! I did read through the course descriptions and determined to some extent which classes were more intensive than others so I could balance out heavy reading/writing classes with lighter reading/writing classes. Sometimes I’d try to match an upcoming class with a future project at work.

    610 and 636 are actually quite similar because they are “big picture” classes. The other courses take a closer look at specific aspects of IMC. (Side note: Keep your textbooks and your major papers. They are a good reference point for 636.)

    After 610, I took Creative Strategies (615) followed by Marketing Research (611). I found it very, very helpful to take 611 early on (even though it has a fair amount of reading and information about statistics). Audience Insight (612) is a good class to take early on, too (although I didn’t figure this out until later).

    My first summer I took two courses at the same time: PR (618) and Emerging Media (619). For me, this was not a good combination. 619, in my opinion, needs to be taken alone. 618 and Sales Promotion (617) might be a good combo.

    Advanced Creative Strategies talks a lot about visual branding theories and techniques. This class is fairly close to a graphic design course (without loads of art projects or artistic ability required). When I took the class last spring, our client was Martha Stewart Omnimedia. We were supposed to design a launch strategy for a new magazine. We didn’t design the magazine. We created the concept, developed the strategy and designed a few creative pieces to promote the new publication. It was actually one of the most helpful classes I took.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes–albeit some more than others! 😀

  5. stacywise Says:

    Thanks so much for the advice! I really appreciate it, and I’m sure the other new IMC students reading this will also be thankful! That’s a great suggestion about keeping the textbooks. I got course credit for 611 Marketing Research from a class I took a few years ago, but because it’s been a while ago, I’m planning on buying the textbook even though I don’t have to take the class. That’s one area that I’m definitely NOT strong in, but I know I’ll need that knowledge for the 636 class!

    A few other people have said the same thing about the Emerging Media class. They’ve said it’s a lot of work, but fun! I think I will take the Advanced Creative Strategies at some point. That sounds fun!

  6. Nicola Says:

    Hello Stacey,

    Glad to see the student blog is up again I really missed. Go you for doing this for the duration of your program. Best of Luck!

    Next semester I will be doing Emerging Media which will complete all more core requirements leaving me with only three electives. Having a PR undergraduate degree as well I did the advanced PR course first with Prof. Stump which was great!

    My elective choices are tricky since I’m torn, I want to do almost ALL options. I L-O-V-E-D IMC 615 with Prof. Stultz and I’m thinking for Adv. Creative Strategies and Adv. Interactive/Direct Mkting, but still undecided.

    Currently doing IMC 612, and I am very happy that it came after IMC 611 and IMC 615.

    Have no idea what I’m going to do next as there are 3 electives that I have left before I do my FINAL semester CAMPAIGNS.

    So good luck to you! I will be blogging again for IMC 619 and did so for the late Fall semester of 2008.


    • stacywise Says:

      Hi Nicola,

      I checked out your blog for the Fall 2008 semester (to get an idea of what I was getting myself into). You did a great job with the blog that semester! I have to admit, after watching your Antigua video, I am EXTREMELY jealous–especially since we’ve had record snow this winter and the ground in my backyard is STILL covered with white stuff. I would love to visit Antigua someday! You’ll have to give me some travel advice 🙂

      So, how is that 612 class? That’s Audience Insight, right? Someone on here wrote that she wished she had taken it at the beginning of her program and not toward the end, but it looks like you are glad that it came after a few of your other classes?

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