Snowplowing through the Early Spring Semester


Hello, IMC World!  I hope everyone has been staying nice and warm these last few weeks. I’m convinced that Old Man Winter is a sadist. Seriously, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen the ground at my house. Enough with the snow already!

The first snowstorm in February was kind of fun. It was pretty. We went sledding. I enjoyed watching the neighbor kids skiing in my backyard. But, now our roof is starting to leak, and the icicles hanging from our house could take someone out.  I’m ready for springtime. At least with the IMC courses being online I can stay warm and toasty in my house and never have to leave for a class. All I have to do is open my laptop and my class comes to me. Brilliant! Except now I’m starting to feel like a hermit.

The Early Spring semester is well underway now, and after a few weeks of panic attacks I’m finally starting to settle into a routine for my 610 Intro to IMC class. School is definitely different for me this time around, though.  With a 2-year-old at home, my time isn’t really my own anymore, and it’s been a challenge for me to figure out how to juggle homework in between Disney movies and Dora episodes, and now the Olympics. I told myself that I wasn’t going to get into the Olympics this year because of everything else going on, but Winter Olympics are just too fun. I love watching those crazy athletes do their stunts. It makes me wish I could ski better. I’m just now to a point in my skiing where the nice ski people don’t have to stop the lift to let me on and off. I’m definitely a green-dot girl, but maybe next year I’ll graduate to a blue square. For now, I’ll stick to snow angels …

Speaking of Olympics, have any of you guys been watching the commericals during the Olympics?  I find myself watching more TV commercials during these Winter Games than I have in a long time (thank you, DVR). I really like the Visa Go World commericals narrated by Morgan Freeman. The commercials that I just don’t get are the McDonald’s ones. Not that I don’t understand why they’d want to sponsor/advertise during the Olympics. I’m sure it’s great exposure, and I know McDonald’s been sponsoring the Olympics for a long time now.  But having ads featuring the athletes cramming McDonald’s into their mouths? Come on. Am I really supposed to believe that Big Macs and fries are what the athletes are “fueling up” on?  Who knows … maybe they do. Maybe if I start eating Big Macs everyday I’ll be able to ski like Lindsey Vonn next year. Hmm. I might have to try that. What about you guys? What are your favorite Olympics commercials?

Another thing that has been a topic in my Introduction to IMC class is how social media have changed the Olympics this year.  This really became apparent to me when I watched gold medalist Shaun White texting on his iPhone minutes after completing a snowboard run. How are you watching the Olympics this year? Do you get updates on your moblie phone? Watch events on the Internet? Chat about it on Facebook? Don’t worry, if you haven’t already thought about these things, NBC is thinking about it for you.

One Response to “Snowplowing through the Early Spring Semester”

  1. Shelly Says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but unlike Stacy, I just can’t get too excited about the Olympics. I remember as a kid, really getting into it and cheering for athletes like Dorthy Hamil and MaryLou Retton (another great native West Virginian, thank you!) But somewhere through the years it has become so much more about money and endorsements than the actual glory of the sport. The year Nancy Kerrigan got clubbed to knock her out of medal contention by rival Tonya Harding was the last I watched.

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